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HOSA is the only healthcare organization in the NATION that has organized regional, state, and national competitions.

Check out detailed information

There are over 45 medical science and healthcare-related events for you to choose from! It doesn't matter if you are Pre-Dental, Pre-Pharm., Pre-Med., Pre-Vet., Pre-Nursing; there is an event for you!! You do not need any experience and can even do an event as a team with a friend. Please keep in mind that there is a regulation for chapters to only have 3 people (or teams) compete in the same event, and each student can only compete in one event. Thus, if you are interested in competition:

1) definitely look at the website listed above for great details

2) then fill out this form and list competitions that you would compete in -

Dues and Being a Member Nationally

Although you do not need to be a member of HOSA nationally to take part in opportunities, members that pay dues are first in line for special perks such as having any merchandise shipped directly to you, The Princeton Review benefits, and Standardized Patient sign-ups.

Both prices listed below are for the year, not per semester. Also, below are links for payment. We also can accept a Zelle transaction, please contact the Officer team directly.

National with competition = $55

National without competition = $30




If you’d like to be a national member and not participate in a competition, that is more than okay. However, competition is what makes HOSA, HOSA!

Again, keep in mind that if you'd like to compete then dues are needed.

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